Sonu Sood with a Strom in Startup - Have a business idea? Lets make it the Next big Success for the Startup

Kuberan’s House can change your life with funding upto Rs 10 crore and Other benefits that can lift up your startup to a new horizon

Sonu Sood with a Strom in Startup - Have a business idea? Lets make it the Next big Success for the Startup

Have an innovative startup idea & looking for capital to make it successful? While reaching out to Angel and venture capitalists is the next big step, connecting with them can be a bit challenging. And despite the presence of many startup forums in India, only a few can offer opportunities for individuals startup founders from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to get connected directly with proactive investors.

Kuberan's House, is a first of its kind Platform to source and showcase, inviting, developing, streamlining, and connecting startup ideas and innovation with potential investors and venture capitalists, is attempting to change the narrative with a direct pitch.

Bridging the gap between aspiring investors and startup entrepreneurs

Kuberan's House is the first unique platform to showcase and source innovative startup ideas across the Indian startup community and help entrepreneurs to get investments from the best investor’s panel, angels & venture capitalists. A reality television show for startup featuring Sonu Sood, it simplified the process of getting funding for your idea by turning it into an invigorating primetime featured content.

A brainchild of Ram Gowda (MD and Co-founder), Sanjeev K Kumar (CEO and Co-founder) & Ranjith Royal (Co-founder), the idea came into being when the world was in a total stand-still due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These three individuals from different facets of life came together and wanted to create something astonishing to contribute towards the reality of ‘Make in India’.

Govind Balakrishna Raju (Chief Strategy Officer) and Srinivas Vasanthala (VP - Operations) joined hands with the founders to execute the process and have played a key role in onboarding partners.

"Kuberan's House is a startup for Founder. There are many popular startup forums across India, but none help to showcase and inspire other startups. And Kuberan’s House is the first of its kind among others to come up with this idea which brings closed-door of investment negotiations to every living room and reaches people from every nook and corner of our country. It brings me immense joy that what started as a small idea has grown into a national initiative for startup today," says Ram Gowda, MD, and Co-Founder, Kuberan's House.

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A selfless national hero emerged during a pandemic, Sonu Sood will be the facilitator between the entrepreneurs, founder, and investors, and will continue to do the good work by empowering people to make their startup joinery with ease.

Who can apply for the program?

If you're a founder or entrepreneur, whether established or not and are looking for investment for an innovative business idea or enterprise, this is the perfect platform to achieve your startup objective.

The top 500 startups pass through a stringent filtering process and are impaneled to the Kuberan's House ‘Hall of Fame’. Each of them is handed ‘The Kuberan’s House Fellowship’ certificate to your startup credibility as a seal of merit.

The applicants will further be narrowed down to the prime 100 who will be part of a 3-day holistic and exhaustive workshop. Consisting of an exclusive panel of professionals in corporate, finance, strategy, chartered accounting, fund management, legal and public speaking, this workshop aims to project, explore and impart each and every aspect of making a successful pitch to the investors.

The final 60 startups will be shortlisted to feature on the show. The 15-episode series will feature three ideas in each episode. Unlike a typical reality show with a winner and loser, this series is all about pitching and convincing top investors in the country about the value of your entrepreneurial idea, where every pitch stands a chance to get up to Rs 10 crore funding.

Participants will get the opportunity to pitch to India's most prominent, proactive, and sector-agnostic investors (Kuberas) from the startup venture community. They will evaluate their ideas, negotiate and close an investment deal, anywhere from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 10 crore.

What makes Kuberan's House different from it competitors?

The USP of Kuberan’s House is that its unique value proposition to the startups in India to be televised on a general entertainment channel. Embodying the spirit of the ‘Make in India’ movement, it is a unique initiative that creates opportunity, provides great exposure and visibility to participating startups, and a chance for them to receive mentorship and financial assistance to turn their dream into reality.

What's in it for you?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for top startups to get featured on national television. The top 500 participants will get access to Kuberan’s House’s incubation and acceleration program. The prime 100 will get access to a complete holistic workshop with the domain, business, legal experts, and the final 60 applicants will be specially groomed for presentation and pitching skills, given international exposure and taken to global platforms like Silicon Valley (USA), shark tank and Dragon Den, Singapore, and Israel.

All the shortlisted startup applicants will also get other benefits in terms of startup credits, perks, and value-additions.

The right platform for your entrepreneurship dream

Kuberan’s House has strong associations with the leading domain, institutions, database, and alumni partners such as IIT Kharagpur E-cell, BITS Pilani TBI Hyderabad, EntIISC, 100 TiE Hyderabad, Open Startups, VIT, Rabvik Innovations, Telangana State Innovation Cell, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, T-Hub, We-Hub, Vaave, India Network, Startup CA, INC 91 and Tracxn, helping it become the biggest platform for startups.

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