Vishwa Modi - A woman on mission to help 10 lakh ladies to be independent by learning handmade jewellery making business

There is no better employment than employing yourself and there is no better job than the one serving others. You gain abundant profits in business and restricted salaries in a job, wise men always say that salary can make you living but profits make you a fortune. This popular saying inspired Vishwa Modi and her husband Pritesh modi from Ahmedabad, who gave up their secured jobs and stepped on the business game to make themselves a fortune and also to others.

Vishwa Modi - A woman on mission to help 10 lakh ladies to be independent by learning handmade jewellery making business

In 2016, Vishwa's husband got his first job in a small village Ashta; it is a village near Kolhapur and Sangli. She wanted to start up something different in her life as the village didn't have much to offer, that’s why she started a hobby class. In her hobby class, there was a small 12-year-old boy who used to design his jewelry and sell it. Later they moved back to Ahmedabad, she used to work in a private company there, but she couldn’t work anymore as she was pregnant. While staying at home in that period, she decided to do something to spend her time. She was inspired by that boy, hence she decided to step on designing and selling jewelry.

Vishwa Modi - A woman on a mission to help 10 lakh ladies to be independent by learning handmade jewelry making business

The first investment was of just 300 rupees and when she posted on facebook group  to sell her product , she got first order on 1200 Rs on same day. This first trade boosted her morale high and she knew that this business has huge potential. The number of resellers increased to 750 in just a matter of 2 to 3 years, through Facebook. She started getting orders not just from Ahmedabad but from all parts of India. She earned a stable income in 2018 and was even able to gift her husband a car!

Pritesh her husband realized that he could do so much more with this business and hence gave up his job to work with his wife. Vishwa knew that many housewives in India want to start something on their own but don’t know how to. As businesses require huge capital investment, many of them step back even before starting. But jewelry making is a field where you don’t need a highly complex skill set, you can learn it anytime and start at any age, with the use of social media presence one can earn huge profits. You can earn the art by sitting at home without having to step out at all.

She thought that if they start teaching this art to others, many people can be benefitted from her skill. Even after searching for means and methods of teaching for 2 years, but couldn’t think of any. When the covid pandemic hit India in 2020, every business turned online. They got the idea of teaching people online mode and launched their course in July 2020. The course was a huge success and 1100 people joined it within a year. These people didn’t just learn how to make jewelry but also how to sell them in the market, they are earning quite well in it.

She is now helping many women from rural and urban areas in India who have a desire to start their businesses. Especially those from rural areas, don’t have resources or tools to do it.  Vishwa and her husband are availing those necessary tools and training. When someone purchases their course, they are provided with videos and a kit to start learning how to make jewelry. They have a telegram group with 1000+ students who guide and help each other. Pritesh also organizes a live webinar every week where he guides them on how to sell what they have made. This webinar has been attended by 20000+ people in a year. This way, he provides lifetime support to his students.

Many other platforms provide such classes to train people in a particular work, but none compares to what they offer. They are not just training people they are building up a huge community of like-minded individuals. This collective interaction helps in motivating every new student. The platform also provides one on one coaching to trainees by solving doubts and interacting with them in much smaller groups. Hence if someone joins her class once, they don’t just learn how to make jewelry but show them a way of life. Anyone can learn jewelry making by watching youtube videos for free, but the price they are paying is to be part of this great community.

The further plans of Vishwa Modi and her husband are to take this platform on a global level. This business idea has great potential, with abundant opportunities to earn well. They are on Mission to help 10 lakh ladies to be independent by learning handmade jewelry making business. She wants to use social media and reach even greater heights. Due to her first-hand experience in raising their lifestyle with this business idea, and live a life of comfort. Now she wants to help others in India to earn more and achieve this lifestyle.      

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